The Energy that never changed therefore you always saw it as the way things are. Now it starts to shift. But You wouldn’t see it unless you believe that you are enabled to shift. You won’t.
This is either clear to you or it’s not. And that goes into your perception of what is happening.

The Earth is changing. The systems on the planet the deal with human energy are changing. They’re starting to rewrite themselves as you rewrite yourself.

Everything on the planet exists for you. Everything. The planet itself the grids that surround it. The Sun that is in the solar system the energy of that which you are moving through in the solar system around the Sun. It’s all based upon consciousness of humanity. There are bigger systems afoot than you know of. It’s gonna let humanity become more enabled. It’s gonna start with the graduates first. That’s you. You’ve been there and done that. You’re an old soul.
You’re the first to awaken to this. You recognize it. Kryon