Tvá Přítomnost Netvoří Tvou Budoucnost, Ale Tvou Minulost!

For a long time you have been anchored to this concept of the past creating your present and this is not actually true. It may be a description of the kind of experience you’re having but there’s a big difference between a description of an experience from your space time point of view and a description of the actual mechanism underlying the experience, two very different things very often. So the idea that you experience in space time is that your past generates your present, in truth your present generates your past.

When you become a new person and create a new past it’s going to seem from your present perspective that you always had that past, because that’s the only past that makes sense for the person you are now. But you don’t know how many pasts you may have had in this life you call a single lifetime. Bashar