What expands creation is your relationship to your reflection of your perspective of and your experience of that structure that never changes. By creating the different perspectives the different points of view of the same structure you continue to expand creation.

The idea now is that: For many millennia you have been dealing with
this concept of time in certain ways but now it’s time to start dealing with time in a different way.
First and foremost by even knowing and understanding that it is your projection that it is a side effect of your consciousness shifting these billions of times per second the product of knowing
that the product of becoming aware that you’re already shifting that quickly is what creates this sensation you call acceleration. It’s not that you actually accelerate or shift any faster than you have always been shifting it’s that by becoming more aware of the rate of shift
you experience it as a reflection in your physical reality more and more and more. And it appears as if your reality is actually accelerating this expands your senses so that you can see more
feel more be in touch with more things from a broader perspective a higher point of view and it allows you to experience physical reality as more flexible more malleable more plastic where you can experience things like synchronicity more often and other kinds of side effects of space and time that allow you to know that it is your
projection that it is your creation and you can begin to have more conscious awareness of how to use it artistically.