Your brain activity is not contained in your HEAD!!!!
You can use magnetic encephalographic probes outside of your head and you can read your brain activity.                  So you’re broadcasting back to the field. And that’s why we can see a sunset, we can taste that chocolate, we can smell that rose. We came here to experience life and to create.
And then all of a sudden is at home. The whole story might be the biggest cosmic joke in the world, and that is this: „We have been told that when we die if we did a good job on planet earth we can go to heaven.“
I would like to suggest something!

This is where you came to create. This is where you came to experience. If you don’t like the creation, the significance says we’re not living our lives we’re living the lives of programs!

And if you don’t like the program, the new biology is the one that says, you can rewrite it. And if you rewrite it to make your creation, not the one you bought as the creation, you will manifest heaven on earth.
You will wake up every day with the glory of being in the most spectacular planet. And the ability to create life and that’s what the joy is all about.
What would happen if you stopped playing the program? And the answer is so wonderful, because all of you have taken that red pill at some point. And that was when you fell deeply in love with somebody. Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.