Zítřek je nepopsaný list.

Tomorrow is a blank page and you do not have
to carry the burdens of yesterday into tomorrow. What you have today that makes you fearful you can drop on the floor right now and walk into a light that is your creation for tomorrow. A new human that you are. This are the stories within stories. Everything means something else.
In your own DNA is this existing „library of creation“. It is in you today. It is yours. And you don’t need a vision to access it. This is the promise of the shift. The physics of consciousness the benevolence of belief the beauty of compassion. You are on the infancy in the infancy of something enormous. If you wish You may open any door. You don’t need a guide. The guide was necessary in the old energy. The keys are yours. If you want to know really what happened
as you enter what we call the eleventh civilization on this planet you want to know really what happened in that shift in 2012. The whole set up of the nodes and the the magnetics all of that gave you the
keys to the library. It’s here. It’s inside you. It’s magnificent.
And it’s discoverable in all of its pieces and parts. Which one are you going to go to first? What do you need? You’ve got a ring of keys for all the doors. Except one. There is no death. The human body deteriorates and goes away so does everything else.
But you the essence of you is forever. You will have that room with you every single time. You come here and it travels with you. The knowledge of everything is inside. Think about these words. Think
about the vision the library of self. Is in you. Now it’s not somewhere else. And you have the keys. Kryon