Jak si splnit novoroční předsevzetí.

Jak na to?

Nehádejte, nedomnívejte se. Princip „tvoření reality“ je zřejmě jednodušší, než si myslíme. Má však své zákonitosti a ty je nutné znát. Musíme pochopit, že fyzika a biologie jsou od sebe neoddělitelné a tvoří platformu pro vznik prostředí, kterému říkáme realita. Jednoduše to popisuje Ph. D. Bruce H. Lipton, viz. níže.

The brain is to bring coherence between your beliefs and your reality. For example: “ I could see myself – my belief of being on that beach and enjoying this sunny weather“ and as long as I can bring that into my mind my mind can manifest this reality.

So a resolution that’s so important as understanding is. This is not focusing on what you don’t want it’s focusing on what you do want. And as you bring that picture into your mind it kicks in the subconscious
programming which carries out the behavior to manifest exactly what’s in your mind.

You’ve got to have that picture otherwise it just doesn’t work. And so how come we have so much trouble with New Year’s resolutions?
And the answer is very simple and profound. A resolution as a conscious thought that comes into our mind. And so with our conscious mind to the creative mind we can imagine anything we really want. and how beautiful it is.

But remember only 5% of our life is coming from the conscious mind. 95% is coming from the subconscious program.

So to manifest a New Year’s resolution first is to be creative so you can have an image. But once you have that image then the effort is to program that image into your subconscious.

Because once it’s programmed into your subconscious, your subconscious will automatically take you to that destination. And the joyous part is you don’t even have to work on it. Why?
The subconscious is running the show 95% of the day. All you really make sure is make sure you have that destination you want in your programming.

And if your home have the right program and you’re going off in the wrong direction well, guess what? You have the freedom and the power to change your destination.

Change your intention change your belief and when you change that belief and you start with a creative mind to see what you want and then you take that a creative image and you program it into the subconscious, guess what?

Automatically unconsciously you’ll begin to manifest this program of what you desire. Sometimes our resolutions don’t fall because we lose them in our conscious mind.

And we haven’t programmed them in our subconscious mind. So if you want your resolution to stick put it back into your consciousness. Put it back into your subconscious mind and automatically the
manifestation of the world you desire will show up. And that’s quantum physics. And that’s the new biology.

Ph. D.  Bruce H. Lipton