Nikdy nepodceňuj své touhy.

When you are acting on your passion

One of the things your passion & excitement does is reveal to you any belief system within you that is actually out of alighment with that excitement by comparison. So part of your excitement is to find the things within you that are not part of your excitement and by revealing that to yourself by finding out what those definitions are and identifyinig them, they’re easier to let go off.

So you can start following your excitement to help you to discover what those beliefs are or you can start by discovering what those beliefs are in order to help you follow your excitement, by letting them go.

But it is of impair amount importance to understand to some degree to some way, what those definitions are. Because you can not change what you don’t acknowledge exists. If you are unaware of what that belief is you could start repeating the same behaviour over and over again no matter how much you want to follow your excitement, becausethe excitement is going to keep revealing it to you. But if you do not do anything to let it go, than it’s just going to repeat itself.  So the excitement has done it’s job by bringing it to your attention than you have to do your job by looking at what that belief is and understanding why you might still be holding on to it and find a reason to not holdon to it anymore.

Find out that it is really not your belief. You probably picked it up from your parents, your school, your friends, your society ….. it’s not anything to do with you and you have to see the nonsence in it and illogic of it in order to drop it. And once you do drop it than you expend your abillity to experience more excitement.

But as long as that belief system is there, as long as you holding on to it for what you think is a good reason, because that also comes from a belief that you need to hold on to it that’s another belief you have to let go of, you start cleanign your attic out and as yoou do that, you become more streamlined. You become more capable of absorbing  higher frequency energies. Bashar – Darryl Anka