Lidé nemají velká očekávání. Očekávají průměr.

Innate is connected to the higher self in a very specific way, not completely, or it would know what was around you. But the creative source, the benevolence in the human body is connected to an Innate. It is also connected to your consciousness in a way that gives you Intuition. Therefore, what you say to an Innate will also control intuitive thought. Whatever you do in the world, whenever you go, YOU ARE STRUCTURED BY WHAT YOU EXPECT. And humanity expects AVERAGE.

How many of you just said: „I knew that would happen.“ What have you just told to your Innate? YOU DO NOT HAVE A CHANCE. YOU ARE AVERAGE. You knew it in advance, didn’t you? That you couldn’t make it. It wouldn’t happen. I knew that would happen. That is the statement that goes right into your body and trillions of times in your DNA you colud hear it over and over. (He/she knew that would happened).

What can we do?
1) You must know that an Innate is not connected to what is happening on the outside!
It wants to help you by what you state.

2) You can apply an energy of consciousness to the average curve and take it out of average. Innate sees it and starts working with your Intuition. And the Intuition than creates synchronicity for you to be in the right place at the right time in order for things to happen. This is synchronicity. Outside of the bell-shape curve. Outside of the average.

3) It has to do with what you speak out loud. Innate will help you create synchronicity. It’s not logical. It’s based on Intuition on which way to turn. When you start affirmation – describing who you are in the tereminology of the I am – Im Healthy…..what you are doing is affirmating the future and Innate hears it and starts to work. Which is dicsusing with Innate what you are. Not what you want or what you wish for but who you are. Your Intuition will starts to than shift to give you what you asked for. And it is unlimited what you can do.

4) You are not a slave to the bell-shape curve. Talk to yourself. Whatch what you say when you approach the situation. Start practice it. Innate is the part of your higher self. It hears you.  Outside of logic – this things works.

But you have free choice to stay in the box and love yourself through a straw, because you’re a practical person. Or you could shatter the box completly and let go on into your life. And when you do than the Mastery within comes alive.

So you can control your reality by what you say and how you think. Every single human on this planet has this ability. You do not have to end up with humanity in a bell-shape curve. The curve will look odd but all of you can be in the 90%. This is your legacy. You can change yourself.

DO NOT BUY IN TO BE AN AVERAGY. This is the different way of thiking. Connect the dots. Consciousness has power and it’s energy. Go use it. You can control who you are. Do not count the days for that is not the plan. Every single day of your life be a 100%.  Kryon